By Jessi Minneci

I have ALWAYS been an avid gym-goer and have attempted in vain to reach my fitness goals. Whether I actually made it to the gym in hopes of shedding some pounds, toning muscle, or because I was being dragged there by a friend against my own will – that part doesn’t matter so much. What did matter was that I would spend one to two hours at the gym, at least three days per week, and was getting minimal results.

I’ll admit that I am not particularly a fitness mogul. I enjoy eating pizza on the weekends and indulging in the occasional cocktail. However, I had been very dissatisfied with my gym results for as long as I could remember, even when I was putting in the proper amount of work. On a weekly basis, my fitness schedule was more or less as follows:


  • At least 15 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical
  • 30 minutes of weight training
  • 15 minutes of ab circuits (Russian Twists, planks, reverse crunches… you name it)
  • Finishing up with 10 minutes of walking on the treadmill to cooldown


I was also sticking to a generally healthy diet, so WHY was I not seeing a drastic change… or any change, for that matter?!?!


As my gym motivation began to wind down, I started searching for some miracle, at-home product and/or program that I could incorporate into my schedule on those days where I couldn’t muster up the energy to make it to my local gym.


This is where things got interesting.


I started to read up on endless tips from personal trainers, fitness bloggers, and stay-at-home parents trying to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. What I found out shocked me: committing to endless hours of high intensity interval training and sweating your entire body off isn’t necessarily going to help you drop from a size 8 to a size 4… or even 6.


I came across a number of resources swearing by vibration exercise – claiming it could be the answer to my weight loss madness. 


Vibration exercise is exactly what you’d imagine it to be: sending vibration through the entire body; a method that requires little time and physical exertion while providing the benefits of increased force, power, balance, flexibility, and weight loss, thus appealing to people seeking simple exercise (AKA, ME!). Even more, ten minutes of vibration exercise is said to equal one hour of traditional exercise.


Too good to be true? I thought so too, until I took the plunge and invested in Confidence Fitness’s Slim Full Body Vibration Platform.


I didn’t take the plunge right away, though. Instead, I shopped around. Heck, if I was going to swap my gym membership for a home-based remedy, I wanted to be positive I was making the right investment. It was time for me to FINALLY get the results I’ve always wanted and the body I deserve.


  1. I started my journey at the top of my budget, looking into the GForce Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine. It’s small and compact; a perfect fit for the free space in my apartment’s living room. And with 60 different speeds set on six vibration modes, this seemed like a sure-fire product.

Vibration causes small, rapid changes in muscle length by stimulating reflex muscles in an attempt to maintain the body’s balance. With little physical output, a vibration toning machine stimulates the muscles and improves balance, coordination, and overall muscle control. Therefore, with a vibration machine, you need to ensure that the actual platform you’ll be standing on is sturdy and safe. GForce slipped up there.

Users have complained of even the lowest setting being so shaky that they could not even read the display. Furthermore, with such a small machine, there is no comfortable or safe way to stabilize yourself upright without straining your back.

I am not the most coordinated person in the world by any means, and the poor quality reviews on the GForce quickly drove me to another option… mostly for safety concerns.


2.       Hypervibe offers a super sleek and compact G-10 Whole Body Vibration Machine that I also thought to be one of the best bets.

Small, lightweight, and packing a 9.4 G-force, this machine seemed like a portable powerhouse.

It even comes equipped with iOS technology and a mobile app connection to track progress right from your smartphone. I was very close to trying the G-10 out, until I noticed the red flags…

With my goals in mind, I knew I needed a machine that could push me to the limit without being overbearing. With a plastic vibration plate, the user will not get a proper and effective vibration. In order to achieve full stimulation with a vibration board, a steel or rubber platform is necessary. Even more, this machine had NO hand rail or extendable beam for balance surety.

As someone who would like to have the flexibility so use the platform in open space in front of the television, I knew I needed something with a bit more support.


All of my fitness wants, needs, goals, and desires were met and surpassed once I came into contact with the Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform.


First of all, I was impressed by the clean, sturdy look of the machine. All controls are handled from an LCD screen console with an on/off switch located in the back at the bottom of the platform (perfect for a quick turn-off if need be).


The Slim Full Body Vibration Platform offers 50 (!!!) different speed settings, which is absolutely ideal and fully adjustable depending on whether I am in the mood for a vigorous workout or a slow and soothing vibration.  The automated programs (P1, P2, P3) also offer preset speeds that change every 30 seconds, allowing me to toggle back and forth between intensity without having to press a ton of buttons. An added pulse rate monitor is also built in, and allows for a quick reading so that I don’t over-exert.


I have been using the Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness machine for just over a month now. My tummy feels tight and I’ve noticed the cellulite disappearing from my thighs. It is extremely user friendly and offers everything I have been looking for! I usually use the machine 10 minutes at a time, two to three times per day – before work, after work, and before bed. I have never been more satisfied, or more able to keep up with my fitness goals WITHOUT wasting ALL of my time at the gym!


I love the intensity of the machine paired with the fact that it’s not loud or rickety.  It is energizing, yet relaxing like a massage at the same time. I almost don’t know how I lived without it!


I do NOT regret swapping out my gym membership, and have been raving about this machine to EVERYONE I know. If you are looking for overall results without wasting time, energy, or money, the Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness is the solution you never knew you needed – trust me!